The Organic Bean Co.

We are proud to be Boca Raton’s first organic self-serve craft coffee shop. Our passion for travel, health, nature, and good coffee has led to the creation of The Organic Bean Co. We strive to serve only the best organic coffee from around the world. When you walk into The Organic Bean Co., you experience a little piece of what different countries have to offer.


Stop by and pick which country, roast, and brewing method you prefer, and customize your cup of coffee the way you like it! We are vegan friendly offering coconut creamers, vegan baked goods and more. Don’t just drink your coffee, experience it!




All of our coffee at The Organic Bean Co. is grown without pesticides or chemicals. It's freshly brewed for your organic self-serve experience. We also offer protein bites, coconut yogurt parfaits, and avocado toast as an addition to our vegan choices. 

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